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Tips for keeping flowers

We have prepared the following for your information.
To the best of our knowledge and belief, the information contained below is correct.

Flower presentation

The flowers that you have ordered will be beautifully presented to ensure that the recipient experiences the full splendour of the gift you have chosen.The type of packaging that is used will depend on the style of bouquet.

Hand tied Bouquet

A hand tied bouquet removes the need for the flowers to be arranged when received. After being removed from the packaging, the flowers can be placed into a vase and create an instant display.

The flowers will be wrapped in either cellophane, crepe or coloured paper. "Cello" as it is called may be accompanied by coloured tissue, which will highlight the vibrancy of the flowers delivered.

Water may be added to the handtie creating an "aqua-pack"; this will ensure that the flowers stay as fresh as possible until they are ready to be placed in a vase. Sending flowers in this way is perfect if the recipient does not receive the flowers at home.


A flatpack is a traditional way of presenting a bouquet of flowers. The flowers are loosely tied together and placed in an enclosed triangle of cellophane. The flowers are then finished with a bow or raffia tie.

A bouquet of flowers loosely tied can also be placed in a cone of wrapping to give a modern feel to this style of packaging.

Flower Care Tips

A flower is a living thing. To prolong its life, it requires water and food.
By following these simple steps, you will help the flowers to stay fresh and healthy for longer than you may expect.

  • Cut each stem with a sharp knife at an angle, this will create a greater surface area for water absorption. By cutting at an angle this also prevents the flowers from resting on the bottom of the vase and preventing access to water and air. If possible, cut the stems underwater. This will avoid air being absorbed into the stem, which may reduce the flowers life span. Make sure the vase is spotlessly clean before displaying the flowers.
  • Remove all foliage below the water line, as this will decay and the dead materials will release bacteria into the water. Any bacteria present in the water will reduce the life of the flowers.
  • Add water to the vase and dissolve the contents of the sachet of flower food into the water. Simply add additional water if the water level is running low.
  • Display flowers away from direct sunlight, draughts and also fruit. Also avoid displaying flowers in close proximity to heat sources. (Above radiators, on TV sets etc.).
  • To care for flowers displayed in an arrangement add water to the foam every few days. Flowers will last longer if they are displayed away from direct sunlight and draughty areas. (However if you want the flowers to open up quickly, then placing the flowers in a warm room, or warm water will speed up this process).
  • Try to avoid placing flowers close to fruit, as the gasses emitted by the fruit will cause the flowers to die prematurely.

Enjoy your flowers!

Flowers are always a popular gift on Wedding Anniversaries, but for your information, we have listed below the generally accepted list of gifts for each anniversary.


Anniversary Traditional Modern
1st Paper Clocks, Plastic, Gold Jewelry
2nd Cotton China, Cotton, Calico, Garnet
3rd Leather Crystal, Glass, Pearls
4th Fruit, Flowers Appliances, Linen, Silk, Nylon, Blue Topaz
5th Wood Silverware, Sapphire
6th Sugar, Iron Wood, Candy, Amethyst
7th Wool, Copper Brass, Desk Sets, Onyx
8th Bronze, Pottery Appliances, Linens, Lace, Tourmaline Jewelry
9th Pottery, Willow Leather, Lapis Jewelry
10th Tin, Aluminum Diamond Jewelry
11th Steel Fashion, Turquoise Jewelry
12th Silk, Linen Pearls, Jade
13th Lace Textiles, Furs, Citrine
14th Ivory Gold Jewelry, Opal
15th Crystal Glass, Watches, Ruby
20th China Platinum, Emerald
25th Silver Sterling silver
30th Pearl Diamond
35th Coral (Jade) Jade
40th Ruby Ruby, Garnet
45th Sapphire Sapphire
50th Gold Gold
55th Emerald Emerald, Turquoise
60th Diamond Gold, Diamond
75th Platinum Diamondlike Stones, Gold
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